CONGRATULATIONS NETS FANS!   BILLY KING RESIGNS! would like to thank all the fans that supported our cause. Ownership did reach out to us a few times, so our voice was heard. I'm not sure if we impacted Prokhorov's final decision, but at least ownership knew that our web-site existed and I have to assume that had some sort of affect. We had over 20,000 views and over 600 different signers.

Secondly, to be clear, this is the best news Nets fans could get.  The Nets are in a pretty terrible spot. They have few assets, even less draft picks, and a pretty bad reputation. Righting the ship will take years. But at least it can start now.  A proper rebuild couldn't start with Billy King making the decisions.  Hopefully no more trading draft picks for over the hill players. No more overpaying guys who can't help the team. No longer overpaying for 'names' and not substance. No more divas. And maybe starting next season a coach that stays for several years and shows consistency.

What's the next step? Well the Nets options are limited, but first a direction should be chosen. Do you want a complete rebuild and trade Lopez/Thad? Do you go with youth and accept lots of losses like Phili by bringing in a bunch of young guys with 'potential'? Do you gamble with overpaid vets that have possible value (DRose) in the hope of a quick turn around? These are the questions new management needs to assess and make and not having Billy King making that decision is the right first step. All options should be reviewed and explored by a competent GM this summer (do not act this season until a new coach and GM are brought in).

Personally, we think the goal should be for a watchable team for the next three years until the Nets own their picks again. The Nets have to accept that they aren't cultivating youth and they aren't competing for a title. Instead, the goal should be to make a team that plays hard and is fun to watch. A 35 win team is fine with me if its fun to watch the team play. Hopefully the Nets can play 500 ball but its going to be hard regardless of how you try and fix the errors of King. So forge a team the fans can support. A team that plays hard, play defense, and aren't divas. Get rid of the softer players or guys that don't play defense. Use free agency to bring in hardworking players. Bring in guys that plays hard defense and cares about the team. 

In conclusion; we don't have answers, nor do I know what the Nets will do, but not having Billy King making the decisions is the first step to righting ship.

On July 14, 2010 Billy King was hired as general manager for the Nets, replacing former Nets general manager Rod Thorn.
  Most fans agree that this is the single worst move by the Nets in recent years. Fan are thrilled to have great ownership in place that are willing to spend money, but bad decision making can mask that. Until Billy King is replaced by a better general manager, the Nets will continue to suffer with poor management. This web-site is devoted to the removal of Billy King as manager of the Nets.

Please sign the petition for the removal of Billy King as manager. The hope is with enough signatures ownership will see the demand from fans for the removal of Billy King.

Thank you all for your help.