A letter to the owners

Dear Mikhail Prokhorov and other owners,

The fans of the Brooklyn Nets wish to thank you for bringing basketball to Brooklyn. The arena and atmosphere has been excellent over the past few seasons. Our only wish is that the team be managed in a proper fashion. Billy King has made too many mistakes with the management of this team. He has traded away several draft picks that restricts the Nets future, while at the same time he has locked up overpriced mediocre players to long term contracts. Thus, Mr. King is preventing success in the present while severely hurting the Nets future.

It is unclear why you have stuck with Mr. King for so long. Maybe he is quite charming, or maybe you are very loyal; either way he has become the laughing stock of the NBA. This is not just this web-site's opinion. Most NBA pundits, writers and fans acknowledge this. You can check out a list of Billy King transactions and additional articles on this web-site for more information on this. 

We at FireBillyKing.com formally request you remove Billy King as general manager of the Nets and replace him with more capable management. This web-site is collecting fan signatures to show that we are not alone and that thousands of other fans agree.

In summary, we the fans would be so very grateful for the firing of Billy King. This single transaction is the most crucial move you can make towards securing a positive future and championship for the Brooklyn Nets.

Thank you very much for your help.